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 1969 - 91st Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 5 - General Government
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‘One Man, One Vote’ Ruling Strengthened
1898 Secret Sessions
1968-69 Term Another Year of Controversy for Court
1969—The Year in Review
Antitrust Decisions
Auto, Tire Safety
Census Information
Characteristics of Members of the 91st Congress
Chemical Sprays Hazards
Civil Rights Drive Makes Little Progress In 1969
Civil Rights Rulings
Civil Service Fund
Coastline Decisions
Congress Approves One-Third of Nixon's Requests
Congress Delays Extension of Voting Rights Act
Congress Enacts No Major Consumer Legislation
Congress Enacts No New Programs for Crime Control
Congress Studies Postal System But Does Not Act
Congressional Committees
Congressional Reorganization
Contested House Elections
Copyright Extension, Revision
Cost Ascertainment
Court Defines Scope of Voting Rights Act of 1965
CQ Key Votes 1969
Crime and Small Business
Cruelty to Horses
Customs Court Modernization
D.C. Crime Proposals
D.C. Legislation
D.C. Revenue
Disaster Relief
Drug Control
Fairness Doctrine, Free Speech Expanded
FDA Consumer Report
Federal Judges
Federal Salaries Raised Throughout Government
Federal Travel Allowance
Fishing Fleet
Flag Burning Decision
Grant Consolidation
Gun, Ammunition Control
House Clerks
House Clerks
House Committee Travel
House Committees, 91st Congress, 1st Session
House Crime Committee
House Votes for Direct Election of President
Immigration Act
Immunity of Witnesses
Individual Rights
Intergovernmental Personnel
Interior Appropriations
John F. Kennedy Center
Joint Committees, 91st Congress, 1st Session
Joint Funding
Judicial Reform
Justice's Resignation First Under Impeachment Threat
Juvenile Institutions
Legislative Branch Funds
Members of 91st Congress, First Session…Governors, Cabinet Officers, Supreme Court
Metric System Study
Military Draft, Court Martial Authority Narrowed
NASA Funds Reduced in Offices, HUD Appropriations
National Crime Problem
National Observances
Nixon's First Year
Obscene Mail
Organized Crime
Poison Prevention
Population Commission
Postal Employees
Postal Rates
Postal Reform
Postal Reform Proposal Pits Workers Against Users
Postmaster Appointments
Powell Seated, Fined, Wins Supreme Court Appeal
President Makes Changes in Government Machinery
Presidential Boxscore for 1969
Preventive Detention
Public Defenders
Religion and the Schools
Reorganization Act Extension
Revenue Sharing
Senate Again Fails to Ease Filibuster Rule
Senate Committees, 91st Congress, 1st Session
Senate Rejects Haynsworth Nomination to Court
Seniority in the 91st Congress
Session Summary, Party Leaders, Turnover in 1969
Supreme Court Rules House Excluded Powell Illegally
Toy Safety
Treasury-Post Office Funds
Veterans Benefits
Warren Court Record, Burger Opinions Compared
Wheeler Reappointment
Wiretapping Decisions Highlight Criminal Law Rulings
Youth Camp Safety