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 1969 - 91st Congress, 1st Session
 Chapter 1 - Agriculture and Labor
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‘Philadelphia Plan’
AFL-CIO Foreign Projects
Agricultural Programs
Agriculture Appropriations
Appalachian, Regional Development Acts Extended
CCC Supplemental Funds
Civil Service Retirement
Common Site Picketing
Construction Safety
Equal Employment
Farm Labor Unions
Farm Workers
Farmers' Associations
Federal Comparability Pay
Federal Pay Levels, Supergrades
Labor - HEW Supplemental
Labor Developments
Labor-Management Trust Fund
Manpower Training
Migratory Labor
Milk Promotion
Minority Business
Occupational Safety
Peanut Allotments
Potato Program
Railroad Work Hours
Retail Beef Prices
Rural Developments
Rural Job Development
Senate Delays Final Vote on Labor-Hew Appropriations
Three Rival New Farm Program Proposals Compared