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 1950 - 81st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 9 - Taxes and Economic Policy
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War-Risk Sea Insurance
Vermejo Reclamation
Unemployment Study
Transportation Survey
Trade With China
Tin Smelting
Tidelands Oil
Technical Information
Taxes and Economic Policy 1950: Bills Introduced
Taxes and Economic Policy 1950: Bills Acted On
Synthetic Rubber Program
Synthetic Fuels
Steel Price Rise Row
Shipping Subsidies
Ship Sales, Charters
Scrap Metal Duties
Rivers, Harbors, Flood Control
RFC Loans Investigated
Revenue Act Of 1950
Rent Control Extension
Related Maritime Affairs
Problems of Small Businesses
Panama Canal
Palisades Dam
Natural Gas Amendments
Monopoly Hearings
Mining Subsidies
Internal Revenue Code
Insured Bank Deposits
Insurance Firm Taxes
Import Controls
Great Lakes Shipping
Freight Forwarders
Foreign – Trade Zones
Federal Aid-To-Highways
Excise Tax Repeal Moves
Excess Profits Tax Act
Emergency Reclamation
Economic Reports
Defense Production Act of 1950
Copper Import Duties
Central Arizona Project
Bank Holding Companies
Baltimore Highway
Anti-Trust Bills
Airline Subsidies
2nd Rent Control Extension
“Basing Point” Act