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 1950 - 81st Congress, 2nd Session
 Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous and Administrative
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Alaska Power
Alaskan Airports
Alien Detention
Anti-Spying Bill
Apprentice Examinations
Ban on Gaming Data
Blackney's Seat
Budgeting, Accounting Reform
Capital Dispersal
Christoffel Case
Civil Defense
Civil Government For Guam
Contempt of Congress
D. C. Airport
D.C. Home Rule
D.C. Rent Control
Daylight Savings Time For. D. C.
Electoral College Amendment
Equal Rights Amendment
Federal Judges, Judgeships
Hatch Act Amendment
House Rules Change
Internal Security Act
Investigation Into Un-American Activities
Jackson Hole Monument
Knauff Case
Lee Case
McCarthy Charges, Loyalty Probe
McCarthy Probe Chronology
Miscellaneous and Administrative 1950: Bills Acted On
Miscellaneous and Administrative 1950: Bills Introduced
Navajo-Hopi Indian Aid
New York Indians
Parkersburg, W. Va.
Postal Rate Increases
Postmaster Appointments
Puerto Rico Constitution
Registration of Foreign Agents
Reorganization Plans
Restore Full Postal Service
Seneca Indian Rentals
Sister Kenny
Slot Machines
Small Business Committee
Statehood For Alaska, Hawaii
Steamship Refund
Subversive Aliens
Summary Dismissal Of U. S. Employees
Survey of Interstate Crime
Tansey Claim
Trees Award
Un-American Activities Funds
USDA Aides
War Contractors' Relief
War Powers Bill
Wire Tapping