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 Welfare Policy
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
After 60 Years, Most Control Sent to States1996
After Struggle, House Passes Welfare Reform1987
After Years of Debate, Welfare Reform Clears1988
Backers Save Legal Services Agency1995
Carter, Congress and Welfare: A Long Road1977
Clinton, Congress Talk of Welfare Reform1993
Guaranteed Income1967
Home Energy Assistance1980
Home Heating Assistance1979
House Passes Bush Welfare Bill2003
Legal Aid for the Poor1977
Legal Services1976
Legal Services Board Curbed on Rulemaking1990
Legal Services Corp.1980
Legal Services Corp. Kept Alive Temporarily1981
Legal Services Corporation1991
Legal Services Corporation1985
Legal Services Corporation Established1974
Legal Services Corporation Legislation Stalls1992
Legal Services Corporation Survives Again1983
Legal Services Program Transfer Stalled1973
LSC Kept Alive; Reagan Board Unconfirmed1982
National Goals1973
No Accord on Welfare Rewrite2002
OEO, Child Care Program: Veto Sustained in Senate1971
Partisan Acrimony Reigns at the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), With Board Bitterly Divided1989
Presidential Address: Nixon's Welfare-‘Workfare’ Speech1969
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Says Welfare Bill Is ‘Real Step Forward’1996
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Social Services1972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Welfare Reform1971
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Welfare Reform, 19691969
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Welfare Reform, 19721972
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Presents 'Six Great Goals': Stresses Welfare Reform and Stabilization of the Economy1971
Presidential Statement: Carter Welfare Reform, 19791979
Presidential Statement: Carter's Welfare Reform, August 19771977
Presidential Statement: Ford Proposes Social Services Block Grants1976
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Overhaul, Cites Welfare-to-Work Provisions1996
Social Planning Council1970
Social Services1972
Social Services Block Grants1976
Social Services Programs1974
Social Services, Energy Aid1981
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Grants Extended Through 20102005
Weatherization Program1984
Welfare Benefits Cut by Reconciliation1981
Welfare Bill Clears Under Veto Threat1995
Welfare Bills Endorse Job Training, Aid for Abused Children1992
Welfare Freeze Repeal1969
Welfare in Reconciliation1989
Welfare Policy 1973: Overview1973
Welfare Policy 1974: Overview1974
Welfare Policy 1976: Overview1976
Welfare Policy, 1975 Overview1975
Welfare Program Changes1986
Welfare Proposals Studied; Oasdi Benefits Raised1969
Welfare Reform1979
Welfare Reform Deleted from Social Security Bill1972
Welfare Reform Stalled1978
Welfare Reform Takes a Back Seat1994
Welfare Reform: Disappointment for the Administration1970