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 Water Resources
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
$1.3-Billion Colorado River Project Bill Approved1968
Alaska Water Resources1955
Big Blue River Compact1971
Colorado River Basin1972
Colorado River Plan1955
Colorado River Projects1960
Colorado River Storage Project1954
Columbia Valley Administration1949
Congress Clears Water Projects Bill2014
Congress Fails to Pass Colorado River Basin Measure1966
Congress Overrides Veto, Enacts Bill Filled with District Water Projects2007
Delaware River Compact1961
Fossil Fuel, Renewable Spending Up2014
Fryingpan Project1955
GOP Unable to Stop Clean Water Rule, But Judge Blocks It from Taking Effect2015
High Plains Groundwater1984
Illinois Waterway1958
Infighting Holds Up Drinking Water Aid1993
Lake Michigan Water1959
Major 1965 Actions on Water Legislation1965
Message to Congress: Johnson on Water Desalination1965
Missouri Valley Authority Bill1946
Presidential Statement: Carter Proposes Water Policy1978
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Southern Arizona Water Rights1982
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Water Resources Research1984
Regional Disputes, Lobbying Shape Colorado River Bill1968
Republicans Try to Sink Regulation Defining ‘Waters of the United States’2016
Saline Water1961
Saline Water1976
Saline Water Funds1975
Senate Passes Central Arizona Project Bill1967
Senate Passes Two Water Resources Bills1963
Water Bank Funds1979
Water Bill Veto Overridden1984
Water Board Authorization1981
Water Commission1967
Water Problems Have Long History1981
Water Projects Bill Returned to Hill2007
Water Research Extension1980
Water Resources1961
Water Resources Bill Dies1982
Water Resources Bill With Flint Help is Passed After Months of Work2016
Water Resources Council1978
Water Resources Council1979
Water Resources Council1973
Water Resources Council1972
Water Resources Institutes1971
Water Resources Planning Act Passed by Congress1965
Water Resources Projects1973
Water Resources Research1966
Water Resources Research1978
Water Resources Research1983
Water Resources Research1977
Water Rights Bill Vetoed1982
Water Subsidies Fight Heated Up1991
Water-Rights Measures1988
Water-Use Reform1979
West Is Focus of New Water Policy1992
Western Reclamation Water Law Rewritten1982
Western Water-Use Reform Bill Dies in House1980