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 Transportation Annual Overviews
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What the Highway Bill Does1998
Trump Infrastructure Plan Sidetracked By Other Priorities, Lack of Specificity2017
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1988: Overview1988
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1985: Overview1985
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1984: Overview1984
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1982: Overview1982
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1981: Overview1981
Transportation/Commerce/Consumers 1979: Overview1979
Transportation-HUD: Committees Differ on TIGER Funding2017
Transportation, Housing Held Flat2013
Transportation, Commerce, and Consumers, 1983 Overview1983
Transportation, Commerce, and Consumers, 1978 Overview1978
Transportation Security Bills Stall2004
Transportation Programs Score Big Gains1993
Transportation Funds: $2.9-Billion For Fiscal 19721971
Transportation Funds1979
Transportation Funds1969
Transportation Funds1981
Transportation Funds1977
Transportation Funds1968
Transportation Funding Set at $11.6 Billion1984
Transportation Funding1983
Transportation Department Created1966
Transportation Bill Loses Rail Funds2011
Transportation Bill Increases Construction Funds, Sets Standard for Drunken Driving2000
Transportation Authorization2012
Transport Bill Boosts Highway Funds1995
Surface Transportation Bill Stalls2011
Surface Transportation Bill Enacted2012
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon on Transportation Funds1971
President Outlines Plan For Transportation Overhaul1962
Popular Transportation Bill Seen as Engine Pulling Omnibus Spending Package1998
Pet Projects Threaten Transport Bill1994
New National Transportation Policy Asked1962
Message to Congress: Johnson on Transportation1966
Members Relent on Privatization2003
Highways, Air Safety Top Priority List1996
Highways Receive Record Funding1997
Highway Funds at Center of Debate2002
Fiscal Crunch Trims Transportation Bill1992
Details of Surface Transportation Law2005
Congress Sets Ceiling on Highway Spending1976
Congress Grants Most Of Clinton's Requests in Transportation Spending Bill1999
Boosts for Highway and Transit Programs1991
Bill Ups Funds for High-Speed Rail2009
$375 Million Authorized for Urban Transit Grants1964
$3.979-Billion Transportation Bill Signed1975
$11.99 Billion Transportation Bill Passed1980
$10.6 Billion Approved for DOT, Agencies1982
$10.5 Billion Approved for Transportation1985