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 Housing Appropriations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Housing Act of 19481948
Housing Act of 1949 S 1070 — P.L. 1711949
House Kills Broad Housing Bill1958
Housing Bill Enacted on Third Try1959
Open Housing Funds Denied In HUD-NASA Money Bill1968
Congress Authorizes $2.9 Billion for Housing Programs1970
Housing Program Authority Extended to Oct. 1, 19741973
Presidential Statement to Congress: Nixon Proposes Housing Plan1973
HUD-NASA-VA Appropriations: $21.2 Billion1974
Ford Signs Compromise Housing Legislation1975
Housing and Flood Insurance Bills Cleared1975
Housing, Independent Agencies: $43-Billion1976
1977 Housing Authorization1977
$67.9 Billion HUD Funds Bill Cleared1978
Housing Authorization1978
Housing Authorization1979
HUD-Independent Agencies1980
HUD, Agencies Funds1981
Compromise Reached on Housing Revisions1983
$57.3 Billion Approved for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Additional Agencies1985
$56 Billion in Funding Set Aside for Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Assorted Agencies1986
Housing Authorization Clears at Last Minute1987
Space Station Survives in Bill Granting $59.4 Billion to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)1988
Reauthorization Bills For Housing Proposed1989
Spending Bill Totals $67 Billion for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Veterans Affairs (VA)1989
Bill for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development Trims Housing, Boosts NASA1990
U.S. Housing Programs Overhauled1990
Housing Bill Cleared at Session's End1992
Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Cover Diverse Needs, From Space Stations to Public Housing1993
Progress Halts on Housing Bill1994
More Than 1,000 Earmarks Adorn Bill for Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development; Housing Gets Big Boost2000
Transportation, Housing Held Flat2013
Transportation, Housing Held Flat2014
Roads, Housing Get Modest Raises2015
Transportation-HUD: Short Road for Transportation-HUD2016