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 Counterterrorism and Domestic Intelligence
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‘Patriot Act' Gets Short-Term Renewal2009
Anti-Terror Bill Zooms Into Law2001
Anti-Terrorism Provisions1996
Anti-Terrorist Bill1978
Bill Facilitates Police Wiretapping1994
Bio-Terrorism Bill Founders2001
Bioshield Funding Decision Delayed2003
Bipartisan CFIUS Overhaul Calls for Tighter Review of Foreign Investment2007
CIA Secret Financing of Private Groups Disclosed1967
CJS Bill Includes Anti-Terror Funds2001
Congress Re-Examines Patriot Act2003
Controls Tightened on Use of Wiretaps1978
Cyberthreats Grow, but Little Legislation2017
Disputes Delay Reauthorization Of Anti-Terrorism Act Provisions2005
Domestic Wiretapping1976
Extension of Patriot Act Includes Rules on Bulk Phone Record Collection2015
FISA Gets Temporary Fix as Congress Debates Immunity for Telecom Firms2007
FISA Reauthorization Is Tied Up By Concerns Over Privacy2017
Hill Meets Intelligence Needs2001
Intelligence Agencies Receive Small Spending Increase, Expanded Wiretap Authority1998
Law Calls for Tighter Port Security2002
Lawmakers Take Aim at Terrorism1995
NSA Program Prompts Flurry of Bills2006
Ports Debate Focuses on Screening2006
President Signs Anti-Terrorism Bill1996
Presidential Address: Reagan on World-Wide Terrorism1985
Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Law2001
Sept. 11 Recommendations Enacted, Making Good on Democrats' Pledge2007
Terrorism Insurance Extension Dies2004
TRIA Extension Backs Up Insurers2007
Wiretapping Limits1977