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 Cotton and Textiles
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Cotton Acreage1949
Cotton Marketing Quotas1949
Long-Range Cotton Acreage Quotas1950
Cotton Support Price1952
Cotton Quotas1953
Cotton Acreage Allotments1954
Cotton Acreage1955
Cotton Textile Imports1962
Controversial Cotton Subsidy Bill Passed by House1963
Combined Cotton And Wheat Programs Enacted1964
Cotton Promotion1966
U.A.R. Cotton Quota1967
Cotton Quota Veto1968
Veto Message: Johnson Vetoes Cotton Quota1968
Cotton Research, Promotion1976
Presidential Veto Message: Carter Vetoes Textile Tariff, Meat Import, Nurse Training1978
Trade Legislation1978
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Textile Quotas1985
Textile-Import Bill Draws a Presidential Veto1985
House Sustains Veto of Textile Import Curbs1986
House Approves Textile Bill1987
Cotton Farmers Assisted1988
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Textile Import-Quota Bill1988
Reagan Vetoes Textile Bill1988
Textile Quota Bill Falls to Veto Again1990
African-Caribbean Initiative Lowers Tariffs, Quotas on Some Foreign-Made Apparel2000