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 Consumer Protection
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Aid to Consumers1963
Bill on Toxic Chemical Regulation Poised for Passage in New Year2015
Bill to Limit Class Action Suits Dies2002
Carter Dealt Major Defeat on Consumer Bill1978
Child Protection1966
Conflicting Interests Kill Tobacco Bill2008
Consumer Agency Bill1976
Consumer Agency Bill Passed; Veto Feared1975
Consumer Controversies1977
Consumer Fraud Act1975
Consumer Group1952
Consumer Policy 1973: Overview1973
Consumer Policy 1976: Overview1976
Consumer Policy, 1975 Overview1975
Consumer Product Safety1975
Consumer Product Safety1987
Consumer Product Safety Agency Created in 19721972
Cordray Departs Consumer Bureau2017
CPSC Authorization1981
Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Law Weathers Multiple Republican Attacks2016
Dodd-Frank Survives GOP Attacks2012
Efforts to Authorize Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Fail1985
Filibuster Kills Consumer Protection Agency1974
GOP Takes Aim at Dodd-Frank Law2011
House-Weakened Radiation Control Bill Cleared1968
Kennedy Recommends Consumer Protection1962
Law Modifies Toy Safety Standards2008
Lawmakers Put Off Product-Liability Measure1988
Limits on Class Action Lawsuits Enacted In a major victory2005
Little Action Follows Johnson's Consumer Message1964
Little Action Taken on Consumer Legislation1965
Message to Congress: President's on Consumer Interests1964
New Laws for Consumers Enacted1966
No New Product-Safety Legislation Passed1992
Nomination for Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Blocked1985
Outcry Over Lead in Toys Prompts Consumer Product Safety Efforts2007
Panel Turf Wars Derail Data Security2006
President Requests Action in Consumer Interests1962
Presidential Statement: Carter Recommends Establishment of Consumer Agency1977
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton rejects Product Liability Bill Over Consumer, State Issues1996
Product Liability1987
Product Liability1982
Product Liability Bill Loses Momentum1997
Product Liability Dies1984
Product Liability Insurance1980
Product Liability Insurance1981
Product Liability Stalled1985
Product Safety Agency1978
Product Safety Commission Bill Cleared1976
Speaker Calls Off Consumer Agency Vote1977
Troubled Consumer Agency Is Renewed1990