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 Cabinet Nominations
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
1951 Presidential Nominations1951
1953 Presidential Appointments1953
1955 Presidential Nominations1955
1956 Presidential Nominations1956
1957 Presidential Nominations1957
1958 Nominations1958
1959 Presidential Nominations1959
1961 Presidential Nominations1961
1962 Presidential Nominations1962
1963 Presidential Nominations1963
1964 Presidential Nominations1964
1966 Presidential Nominations1966
1967 Presidential Nominations1967
1968 Presidential Nominations1968
Acheson Confirmation1949
Barr Confirmed As Attorney General1991
Bush's Cabinet: Many Familiar Faces1988
Cabinet Controversy Starts Year2001
Carter Administration Used New Screening Procedures; Confirmation Process Hit1977
Castro Confirmed as Housing Secretary2014
Cavazos Succeeds Bennett1988
Clark Replaces Watt at Interior Department1983
Clinton Announces Cabinet Changes1996
Clinton Hits the Ground Running1992
Confirmation of Fred M. Vinson as Secretary of the Treasury1945
Confirmation of Robert E. Hannegan1945
Confirmation of Watson B. Miller1945
Confirmation of Wilson W. Wyatt1946
Confirmations Easier, but No Snap2014
Confirmations of Mr. Nixon' Major 1969 Nominations1969
Confirmations of Wyatt and Foley1946
Conservatives Block Some Reagan Nominees1982
Controversial Nominations, Confirmations1974
Elders Is Confirmed as Surgeon General1993
Few Reagan Nominees Meet Serious Trouble1981
Ford Appointments Stir Little Controversy1976
Four Other Cabinet-Level Changes2007
Frampton's Controversial Nomination Approved1993
ITT Dispute Fails to Block Kleindienst Confirmation1972
Key Ford Administration Officials Replaced1975
Kissinger Confirmed, 78-7, as Secretary of State1973
Les Aspin Serves One Year As Defense Secretary1993
Major Nominations1954
Marine Commandant Joseph Dunford Chosen as New Chairman2015
McGranery Nomination1952
Meese Confirmed After Delay of 13 Months1985
Mukasey Succeeds Gonzales at Justice; Hearings Focus on Torture Stance2007
New Vice President, 10 Cabinet Changes in 19731973
Nixon Calls on Specialists to Help Make up Staff1969
Nixon Fills Four Cabinet Posts During 19701970
Nomination of Edwin W. Pauley1946
Nomination Process Is Painfully Slow2015
Nominations Confirmed1946
Nominations Confirmed1959
Nominations: Major Changes in Reagan Team1985
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 19651965
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 19661966
President Johnson's Major Appointments of 19671967
President Johnson's Major Confirmations of 19681968
President Kennedy's Major Appointments of 19611961
President Kennedy's Major Appointments of 19621962
President Makes Major Changes In Cabinet, Agency Leadership2005
President Nixon Made Three Cabinet Changes in 19721972
Reagan Cabinet Nominees Include Two Women1983
Reno Named First Woman Attorney General1993
Rubin, O'Neill, Tyson Win Appointments1995
Ruckelshaus, Clark Depart; Hodel Shifts Jobs1984
Saxbe Eligibility Question1973
Senate Approved Madigan As Agriculture Secretary1991
Senate Confirms Bennett as Education Secretary1985
Senate Confirms New Carter Cabinet1979
Senate Rejects Few Carter Appointments1978
Strauss Nomination1959
Sullivan Confirmed For Health and Human Services (HHS) Post1989
Three Cabinet Posts, Two Justices Appointed in 19711971
Togo West Is Confirmed As VA Secretary1997
Tower Nomination Spurned By Senate1989
Transportation Nominee Peña Easily Confirmed1993
Two Cabinet Secretaries Confirmed2008
Warren Christopher OK'd As Secretary of State1993
Waste Disposal Controversy Delays Peña Confirmation1997
Yearlong Dispute Stalls Meese Nomination1984