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 Presidential Messages
 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1953-1961)
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Advisory Committee Reports on ‘Introduction to Outer Space’
August Session
Bond Interest Rates
Budget Message: Eisenhower's 1959 Budget Calls for Spending $73.9 Billion
Budget Message: Eisenhower's Military Budget
Congress Overrode One of 20 Vetoes in 1959
Congress Overrode One of 24 Vetoes in 1960
Congressional Reaction to the President's Farm Message
Cooperation to Solve Farm Problems Urged
Economic Report: Eisenhower Says Business Decline Need not Last
Economic Report: Problems of National Growth
Eisenhower Asks for Changes in Immigration Law
Eisenhower Asks States to Retrieve Governmental Functions
Eisenhower's State of The Union Message
Eisenhower-Truman Presidential Messages Summary
Export Expansion
Greater Tax Receipts, Spending Forecast for Fiscal '57
High But ‘Tamer’ Prosperity Predicted for 1956
Highlights of Eisenhower Legislative Program
House Democrats' Program
International Development Assn.
Message on Highways, FHA Loans
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Approves Euratom Plan
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Discusses the Situation in Lebanon
Message to Congress: Eisenhower on Defense Reorganization
Message to Congress: Eisenhower on Nuclear Test Suspension
Message to Congress: Eisenhower on Reciprocal Trade
Message to Congress: Eisenhower on the Atomic Information Exchange Agreement
Message to Congress: Eisenhower on Unemployment Benefits
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Proposes Emergency Education Program
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Proposes Farm Program
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Proposes Study of Federal Employees' Pay
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Recommends Establishment of Space Agency (NASA)
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Requests $3.9 Billion for Mutual Security Program
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Requests Creation of Aviation Agency
Message to Congress: Eisenhower Suggests New Passport Legislation
Message to Congress: Eisenhower's Labor Recommendations
Message to Congress: Eisenhower's Legislative Proposals
Message to Congress: Eisenhower's United Nations Report
Postal Rate Increase
President Asks $1.3 Billion for Schools in four Years
President Asks $3.9 Billion Fiscal 1958 Mutual Security Program
President Asks $3.9 Billion for Mutual Security Program, Cautions Against ‘Reckless Cuts’ in Face of Red Power
President Asks Funds for International Bank, Monetary Fund
President Calls for ‘Further’ Health Steps
President Calls for Enactment of 20-Point Labor Program
President Calls for Inter-American Development Bank
President Eisenhower Explains Budget, Warns Against Cuts
President Eisenhower Presents Largest Peacetime Budget
President Eisenhower Presents Mideast Doctrine to Congress
President Eisenhower Reports on the State of the Union
President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon Start 2nd Term
President Outlines 9-Point Farm Program
President Outlines Program to Cope with Agricultural Disasters
President Prods Congress to Enact 15-Point Legislative Program
President Proposes Five-Year School Program
President Requests Revisions in U.S. Immigration Laws
President Seeks $4.9 Billion Foreign Aid Program
President Sends Mutual Security Message to Congress
President Stresses Importance of Mutual Security Program
President Vetoes Twelve Bills in 1957
President's 1960 Budget Seeks Balance at $77 Billion
President's Budget for Fiscal 1961 Calls for $4.2 Billion Surplus
President's Economic Report Cites 1958 Recovery, Stresses Need for Further Growth With Stable Prices
President's Economic Report Reviews Four-Year Record
President's Farm Message Calls for Price Support Revision
President's Message on Debt Limit, Interest Rates
Space Legislation
State of the Union Message Stresses Peace and Prosperity Theme
State of the Union Message Urges Congress to Balance the Budget
State of the Union: Eisenhower Proposes ‘Safety Through Strength’
Sugar Message
Text of President Eisenhower's Final Radio-TV Message to Nation
Text of President Eisenhower's Jan. 12 State of the Union Message
Unites Nations Address: Eisenhower on Emergency Mideast Plan
Veto Message: Eisenhower Vetoes Thirty-Nine Bills in 1958