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 Presidential Messages
 Clinton, William J. (1993-2001)
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Clinton Vows To Stay in Office 'Until the Last Hour of the Last Day'
Clinton, Assesses Fall Agenda, Says GOP's Emphasis on Tax Cut Is Unfair and Irresponsible
Congress Releases Clinton's Testimony About His Relationship With Intern
Executive Orders: Clinton's edicts point blade at executive branch
Federal Retirement Provision Draws Line-Item Pen
Inaugural Address: Call for change main theme in brief inaugural speech
Inaugural Address: Clinton Outlines His Vision For a New Century
Independent Counsel's Report: Clinton 'Critical Lapse in Judgment'
Leaders in ‘Defining Drama’ Express Hope for New Era
Nixon's Funeral: Nation Says Its Goodbyes To a 'Seminal President'
Nomination Acceptance: Clinton Describes His Path to the 21st Century
President's Budget Message: Clinton Announces 'A Principled Compromise'
President's Budget Message: Clinton Outlines Priorities for Fiscal 1996 Spending
President's Budget Message: Clinton Outlines Priorities For Fiscal 1997 Spending
Presidential Address to U.N.: Clinton calls for 'new era' of peace and economic oppurtunity
Presidential Address: ‘We Have Work to Do,’ Proclaims Clinton
Presidential Address: Clinton -- Mend, Don't End, Affirmative Action
Presidential Address: Clinton -- More Troops Needed For Safe Somalia Pullout
Presidential Address: Clinton Admits 'Critical Lapse in Judgment', Colleagues Respond
Presidential Address: Clinton Announces Compromise On Gays In Military
Presidential Address: Clinton Announces Plan To Ease Business Credit
Presidential Address: Clinton Asks Nation to Back U.S. Role in Bosnian Peace
Presidential Address: Clinton Bids Farewell, Looks Ahead At His Future and That of the Nation
Presidential Address: Clinton Calls For Honest Look At U.N.'s Global Challenges
Presidential Address: Clinton Describes Retaliation Against Iraqi Complex
Presidential Address: Clinton Hails Israel's Pact with Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) As ‘Historic Compromise’
Presidential Address: Clinton Offers Justification For Invasion of Haiti
Presidential Address: Clinton Outlines His Plan To Spur the Economy
Presidential Address: Clinton Presents Proposal for Balanced Budget
Presidential Address: Clinton Proposes Tax Cuts To Help Middle Class
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Congress To Seize ‘Magic Moment’ of Reform
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Participation In National Service
Presidential Address: Clinton Urges Passage Of Free-Trade Pact
Presidential Address: President Vows To Stay in Office 'Until the Last Hour of the Last Day'
Presidential Address: President-Elect Clinton Reassures Allies
Presidential Letter: Clinton Questions Bill Amendments
Presidential News Conference: Clinton -- 'Time Is Running Out For Congress to Meet Its Obligations To the American People….'
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Announces Agreement to End War in Bosnia
Presidential News Conference: Clinton announces policy on illegal immigration
Presidential News Conference: Clinton nominates Ginsburg to Supreme Court
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Praises Budget Agreement
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Reaches Out to GOP, Assesses Voters' Message
Presidential News Conference: Clinton says Haiti must put ‘Democracy Back on Track’
Presidential News Conference: Clinton Says Welfare Bill Is ‘Real Step Forward’
Presidential Statement: Clinton and Greenspan: Free Trade With China Enhances Security, Prosperity, Freedom
Presidential Statement: Clinton Announces Action to Combat Teen Smoking
Presidential Statement: Clinton Details Five Key Elements For Teen Smoking Legislation
Presidential statement: Clinton Explains Lifting Of Vietnam Embargo
Presidential Statement: Clinton Says Haiti Deal To Restore Democracy, Minimize Risk
Presidential statement: Clinton Says He Is Still Confident Of Fast Track Trade's Ultimate Passage
Presidential Statement: Clinton Says Vote on Crime Bill 'Failed the American People'
Presidential Statement: Clinton Signs Omnibus Bill, Says It Funds Crucial Programs While Upholding Fiscal Discipline
Presidential Veto Message: 'Profound Differences' Cited in Veto of Budget Plan
Presidential veto message: Clinton -- cuts won't harm nation's defense
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Calls for Better Safety Net For Farmers
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Chides Congress In Veto of Combined Appropriations
Presidential veto message: Clinton Cites Missouri, California Provisions in His Veto Of Energy-Water Appropriations Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Claims Nuclear Waste Bill Would Halt New EPA Radiation Standards
Presidential veto message: Clinton Details Reasons for Using New Veto Power on Three Items
Presidential veto message: Clinton Objects To Provisions On U.N., Community Policing In Commerce-Justice-State Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Outlines Reasons For Defense Veto Items
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Points to Lack of Money for Technology, War on Crime
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects 'Marriage Tax' Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects D.C. Spending Bill's 'Unwarranted Intrusions' in Local Decisions
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Rejects Management, Labor ‘Teamwork’ Bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton rejects Product Liability Bill Over Consumer, State Issues
Presidential veto message: Clinton Says Foreign Operations Bill Endangers National Security
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Says GOP Tax Bill 'Would Leave America Permanently in Debt'
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Says Lifting Embargo Would Americanize War
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Bill for Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services, Condemns Cuts for Education and Medical Research
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Bill To Repeal Estate Tax, Calling it 'Fiscally Irresponsible'
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Continuing Resolution
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Defense Bill, Cites National Security Concerns
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Intelligence Bill Due to 'Overbroad' Language
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Overhaul, Cites Welfare-to-Work Provisions
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes State Department Bill For 1999 Fiscal Year
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton Vetoes Supplemental Disaster Relief, 1997
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton's veto of rescissions bill
Presidential Veto Message: Clinton: Bill Would Undercut U.S. Leadership Abroad
Presidential Veto Message: Conservationist Concerns Mark Interior Bill Veto
Presidential Veto Message: Investor risk is major concern in veto of litigation overhaul
Presidential Veto Message: President Repeats Objections To Abortion Measure
Presidential Veto Message: Temporary Rise in Debt Limit Is Vetoed by President
Presidential Veto Message: Threat to Women's Health Cited in Abortion Veto
Speaker Calls for ‘Partnership’ To Pass ‘Major Reforms’
The State of the Union: Clinton Aims for the Center, Praises GOP Themes
The State of the Union: Clinton calls for an American century of oppurtunity, responsibility, community
The State of the Union: Clinton Focuses on Education, Working With GOP on Budget
The State of the Union: Clinton Offers Proposals on Education, Retirement Security, Health Care, Urges Nation To 'Aim Higher'
The State of the Union: Clinton Speech Envisions Local Empowerment
The State of the Union: Clinton stresses accomplishments, call state of the union 'Strong'
The State of the Union: Clinton Stresses Welfare, Health Care Reform