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March 27, 2023
CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government

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The CQ Press Library contains content from different types of sources published by CQ Press and SAGE Publications. Below is a list of source types and their descriptions. Visit How to Cite for information on citing these resources.

Bibliography Selected sources for further information.
Biography Biographical information on significant figures.
Case Summary Summary and analysis of major Supreme Court decisions.
Chronology Timeline of key historical events.
CQ Almanac Over 60 years of authoritative congressional reporting from the CQ Almanac
CQ Key Case Cases designated by the CQ editorial staff as the most important in American constitutional and political history.
CQ Key Vote Roll call votes designated by CQ editorial staff as the most critical vote determining the outcome of congressional action on major issues.
CQ Researcher An in-depth report on a political or social issue.
CQ Researcher Archive An in-depth report on a political or social issue from the CQ Researcher archive.
CQ Global Researcher An in-depth report exploring international perspectives.
Election Analysis Summary and analysis of issues and outcomes of specific elections.
Election Returns Popular and electoral votes.
Encyclopedia Entry General summary of issues, concepts, processes, events, and historical figures.
Facts & Figures Table, graph, and other statistical information.
Glossary A brief definition of a term or a phrase.
Image Photograph of an individual or event.
Infographics Visual presentations of information or data.
Legislative Analysis Reporting and analysis of legislation.
Map A cartographic illustration.
Primary Source Full-text or excerpts of primary source material.
Q & A A question with a concise answer.
Web Links Links to online, open-access sources for additional information.

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