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Representatives by Career (2013)

U.S. Political Stats can be used to easily visualize biographical data on the members of both chambers of the U.S. Congress, the presidents, and the justices of the Supreme Court. Changes in the makeup of the U.S. House by military service over time, for example, can be summoned with ease and then presented graphically on a pie chart. Data on the U.S. House can also be viewed alongside that of the Senate using the compare feature. The same can be done on a number of variables including educational attainment, gender, and religion. Biographical characteristics can be found for all members of Congress since the 98th Congress (1983-1985) and for all presidents, vice presidents, and Supreme Court justices.

Sample Assignments:

  • Compare biographical characteristics across time.
  • Determine the number of veterans serving in the House and Senate over three decades.
  • Track the number of female representatives and senators over time.
Example Shown: Representatives by Career (2013)