Executive Orders , Calvin Coolidge

Summary Year 1926

Highest number: 202 (Coolidge, II)Lowest number: 202 (Coolidge, II)Average number: 202
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      Ragsdale, Lyn. "Table 8-1 Executive Orders of Presidents, Washington, I to Obama, I." In Vital Statistics on the Presidency, 4th ed., 479-85. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2014.


      1. Data collected from: (Unnumbered series, 1789–1941) Adapted from Clifford Lord, List and Index of Presidential Executive Orders, Unnumbered Series, 1789–1941 (Wilmington, Del.: Michael Glazier, 1979); (numbered series, 1862–1935) adapted from Clifford Lord, ed., Presidential Executive Orders, 1862–1935, 2 vols. (New York: Hastings House, 1944); (numbered series, 1936–1997) compiled from successive volumes of Code of Federal Regulations; (1998–2012) successive volumes of Code of Federal Regulations, www.access.gpo.gov.
      2. Collation and numbering of executive orders did not begin until 1907. However, certain orders before that date were entered into the numbered series. Some unnumbered orders exist as late as 1941. In a project conducted by the Works Progress Administration in 1935 and 1936, the unnumbered orders were collected and analyzed from historical materials. This was the first and, in fact, only attempt to establish a list of unnumbered orders. Generally, such a list is difficult to compile because of a lack of agreement as to whether a document was an order, a proclamation, a land order, or some other executive communication. Those presented here are drawn from the 1935–1936 WPA project. For years in which a new term begins, orders signed prior to inauguration day (March 4 before 1937, Jan. 20 thereafter) are counted in the previous year.
      3. This includes both numbered and unnumbered executive orders.


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