Campaign Finance Disclosure -- Passage. HR5175 by District

Summary Year 2010

Date: June 24, 2010Yeas: 219Nays: 206Other: 8Description: Passage of the bill that would establish new reporting requirements for corporations, unions and other interest groups for campaign-related activities. It would prohibit corporations that are foreign-controlled or have received a specified amount of government assistance from making expenditures in political campaigns. As amended, it would exempt from some identification disclosure rules certain charitable organizations as well as organizations that are at least 10 years old, have at least 500,000 dues-paying members, have members in each state and receive no more than 15 percent of their funding from corporations and unions. Passed 219-206: D 217-36; R 2-170; I 0-0. A "yea" was a vote in support of the president's position.
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                Roll call tallies are published in CQ Weekly and databased from that source several months following the vote. This includes relevant metadata including: roll call date, bill number, party affiliation of each member, vote totals, and vote description.
                Vote descriptions that describe both the legislation at hand and the purpose of the vote are written by CQ Roll Call staff.
                Historical roll call data going back to 1983 were databased from the annual print book series Congressional Roll Call, published by Congressional Quarterly Inc. (and later CQ Press). Certain material used with permission of CQ-Roll Call, Inc.


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