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Should the ERA become part of the U.S. Constitution?The Equal Rights AmendmentApr. 3, 2020
Should schools provide sex education to girls?Girls' RightsApr. 17, 2015
Should government impose mandatory gender quotas on corporate boards?Women's RightsApr. 3, 2012
Should military combat roles be fully opened to women?Women in the MilitaryNov. 13, 2009
Should sex-selective abortions be outlawed?Women's RightsMay 2008
Has Hillary Clinton been treated unfairly as a presidential candidate because of her gender?Women in PoliticsMar. 21, 2008
Are feminists out of touch with the majority of women?Feminism's FutureFeb. 28, 1997
Should a man have the right to prevent a woman from aborting a fetus he has conceived? Do Pregnant Women Lose Legal Rights?Jul. 28, 1989