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Is it possible or wise to eliminate nuclear weapons from the planet beginning now? Euromissile NegotiationsMay 24, 1987
Is the U.S.-Soviet pact on chemical weapons in the best interests of the United States?Obstacles to Bio-Chemical DisarmamentJun. 29, 1990
Should the United States sign a comprehensive test ban on nuclear weapons?Nuclear ProliferationJun. 5, 1992
Should the U.S. abandon efforts to develop a plutonium-fueled reactor?Nuclear Arms CleanupJun. 24, 1994
Does exposure to chemical weapons explain Gulf War Syndrome?Chemical and Biological WeaponsJan. 31, 1997
Should the federal government control access to vaccines against smallpox and other bioweapons?Weapons of Mass DestructionMar. 8, 2002
Should abolishing nuclear weapons be the chief goal of U.S. nuclear policy?Modernizing the Nuclear ArsenalJul. 29, 2016