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Are criminal profiles a reliable way to find serial killers?Serial KillersOct. 31, 2003
Are gated communities a reasonable response to crime?Suburban ViolenceSep. 3, 1993
Are injunctions that ban gangs from congregating effective?Fighting GangsOct. 9, 2015
Are mental health issues the main cause of domestic violence?Domestic ViolenceNov. 15, 2013
Did Congress improve the Violence Against Women Act?Domestic ViolenceJan. 6, 2006
Has the MS-13 threat been exaggerated?Gang ViolenceJun. 1, 2018
Is American democracy at risk?Political ViolenceApr. 29, 2022
Should the entertainment industry be required to help reduce children's access to media violence?Media ViolenceFeb. 14, 2014
Should there be a federal law governing hazing?Preventing HazingFeb. 8, 2013