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Is the U.N. still an effective agency for international change?Reforming the U.N.Jun. 24, 2016
Have developed countries done enough to help achieve the MDGs?Millennium Development GoalsSep. 4, 2012
Should all UN payments be voluntary?Assessing the United NationsMar. 20, 2012
Does the world community have a “responsibility to protect”?World PeacekeepingApr. 2007
Should the U.S. transfer administrative power in Iraq to the U.N.?The United Nations and Global SecurityFeb. 27, 2004
Should the United States lift the arms embargo against the former Yugoslavia?United Nations At 50Aug. 18, 1995
Should the United States rejoin the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)?A Revitalized United Nations in the 1990sJul. 27, 1990