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Is the VA responding urgently to veterans’ mental-health needs?Military SuicidesSep. 23, 2011
Should individuals with HIV be discharged from the military?New Military CultureApr. 26, 1996
Does the Pentagon rely too heavily on private contractors?Privatizing the MilitaryJun. 25, 2004
Should the federal government protect “isolated” wetlands?Reforming the CorpsMay 30, 2003
Is the new U.S. emphasis on counterinsurgency reducing capabilities for other kinds of warfare?Rise in CounterinsurgencySep. 5, 2008
Should Congress make VA funding mandatory?Treatment of VeteransNov. 19, 2004
Will the VA Mission Act help improve veterans' health?Veterans' StrugglesOct. 4, 2019
Do today's veterans face a health-care crisis?Wounded VeteransAug. 31, 2007