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Should states increase the length of time convicted criminals are incarcerated?Prison OvercrowdingFeb. 4, 1994
Should convicted felons be allowed to vote after they leave prison?Prison-Building BoomSep. 17, 1999
Are drug courts a good alternative to imprisonment for substance abusers?Prison Health CareJan. 5, 2007
Should Congress amend the Prison Litigation Reform Act?Prison ReformApr. 6, 2007
Can reentry and rehabilitation programs reduce recidivism?Prisoner ReentryDec. 4, 2009
Can states afford to keep their prison spending at present levels?Downsizing PrisonsMar. 11, 2011
Should solitary confinement be limited to one year?Solitary ConfinementSep. 14, 2012
Should mandatory sentences be abolished?Sentencing ReformJan. 10, 2014
Should mandatory minimum sentences be repealed?Women in PrisonMar. 3, 2017
Should private industry play a role in prison operations?For-Profit PrisonsOct. 19, 2018
Should cash bail be eliminated?Bail ReformApr. 12, 2019