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Can the current insurance system survive the COVID-19 pandemic?The U.S. Health Insurance SystemOct. 23, 2020
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Should Congress enact President Bush's tax proposal for expanding health coverage?Universal CoverageMar. 30, 2007
Should government ration health care?Health-Care ReformAug. 28, 2009
Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed?Assessing the New Health Care LawSep. 21, 2012
Should the government require U.S. medical schools to produce more primary health-care providers?Primary CareMar. 17, 1995
Will the health-care reform law harm the federal budget?Health-Care Reform (Updated: May 24, 2011)Jun. 11, 2010
Would a government-funded system improve access to health care?Health Care DebatesOct. 18, 2019
Would tax credits for health insurance help the uninsured?Covering the UninsuredJun. 14, 2002