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Should the U.S. cooperate with China in the global transition to green energy?Geopolitics of Green EnergyNov. 18, 2022
Is economic growth compatible with regenerating the ocean?Preserving the SeasSep. 2, 2022
Should single-use plastics be banned?Plastic PollutionJun. 17, 2022
Has the Endangered Species Act been a success?Endangered SpeciesDec. 17, 2021
Do forests damaged by wildfire need human help to regenerate?Preventing WildfiresNov. 6, 2020
Should states require producers to be responsible for products at the end of their life?Circular EconomyJul. 10, 2020
Will climate change set off a global health catastrophe?Climate Change and HealthNov. 29, 2019
Should the federal government subsidize rebuilding in areas vulnerable to extreme weather?Extreme WeatherSep. 20, 2019
Is taxing plastic production the best way to control plastic waste?Plastic PollutionDec. 7, 2018
Is further oil drilling good for the Arctic?Arctic DevelopmentDec. 2, 2016
Should Obama designate Bears Ears a national monument?Managing Western LandsApr. 22, 2016
Should “inherent safety” be required for chemical plants?Regulating Toxic ChemicalsJul. 18, 2014
Should the United States suspend Arctic offshore drilling?Future of the ArcticSep. 20, 2013
Should the United States adopt a carbon tax?Climate ChangeJun. 14, 2013
Is biodiversity loss reaching a critical stage?Vanishing BiodiversityNov. 6, 2012
Should Congress allow more logging to reduce wildfire threats?Managing WildfiresNov. 2, 2012
Does creating national monuments hurt local economies?Managing Public LandsNov. 4, 2011
Should the EPA limit nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River?Gulf Coast RestorationAug. 26, 2011
Will banning some plastic products reduce plastic pollution?Plastic PollutionJul. 2010
Is the Copenhagen Accord a meaningful step forward in halting climate change?Climate ChangeFeb. 2010
Can "green" jobs revive the U.S. economy?Confronting WarmingJan. 9, 2009
Will President-elect Obama's clean energy plan work?Reducing Your Carbon FootprintDec. 5, 2008
Should the European Union cap aviation carbon emissions?Carbon TradingNov. 2008
Should Congress pass the Clean Water Restoration Act?Protecting WetlandsOct. 3, 2008
Does the United States need a national renewable electricity portfolio standard?Buying GreenFeb. 29, 2008
Is generating energy from waste good for the environment?Future of RecyclingDec. 14, 2007
Should religious people care more about mass extinction?Disappearing SpeciesNov. 30, 2007
Should a trade tax be imposed on the U.S. and other countries that don't sign the Kyoto Protocol?Curbing Climate ChangeFeb. 2007
Are businesses better equipped than governments to address 21st-century environmental challenges?The New EnvironmentalismDec. 1, 2006
Should the U.S. join an international treaty on climate change?Climate ChangeJan. 27, 2006
Should the government relax emissions rules on older power plants?Bush and the EnvironmentOct. 25, 2002
Should the United States make sure a plant or animal is harmless before allowing it into the country?Invasive SpeciesOct. 5, 2001
Should the federal government buy more land to help conserve open space?Saving Open SpacesNov. 5, 1999
Is it economically viable to look for natural cures in rain forests?Saving the Rain ForestsJun. 11, 1999
Can the United States afford to ratify the Kyoto Protocol to curb global warming?Setting Environmental PrioritiesMay 21, 1999
Would more bipartisanship lead to better government?Partisan PoliticsMar. 19, 1999
Should road building in the national forests be halted temporarily?National ForestsOct. 16, 1998
Would constructing a low-level radioactive nuclear-waste dump near Sierra Blanca, Texas, constitute 'environmental injustice'?Environmental JusticeJun. 19, 1998
Should Congress repeal a superfund provision that can hold a company responsible for cleanup of hazardous waste dumped legally before superfund was enacted in 1980?Cleaning Up Hazardous WastesAug. 23, 1996
Would a proposed law requiring that federal regulations be subjected to rigorous risk-assessment and cost-benefit analysis impede environmental protection?Environmental Movement at 25Mar. 31, 1995
Should the federal government launch a nationwide lead-abatement program?Lead PoisoningJun. 19, 1992
Can the northern spotted owl's ancient forest habitat be saved without causing wide spread unemployment in the pacific northwest?Jobs Vs. EnvironmentMay 15, 1992
Is $1 billion sufficient payment for the Exxon Corp.'s role in the Exxon Valdez oil spill?Oil SpillsJan. 17, 1992
Is “prudent avoidance” of electromagnetic fields a good strategy for people to follow?Electromagnetic Fields: Are They Dangerous?Apr. 26, 1991
Should reliance on nuclear power be increased to meet energy needs and to protect the environment? Setting Environmental PrioritiesDec. 9, 1988