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Do demographic trends favor Democrats?Changing U.S. Electorate (Updated: August 9, 2010)May 30, 2008
Do the Democrats appear hostile to business?Democrats' FutureOct. 29, 2010
Should Congress require states to adopt minimum voting standards for presidential elections?Election ReformNov. 2, 2001
Should voters have to show a photo ID?Election Security and Voting RightsOct. 12, 2018
Do judicial elections threaten the courts' impartiality?Judicial ElectionsApr. 24, 2009
Do 'soft-money' campaign contributions play a role in low voter turnout?Low Voter TurnoutOct. 20, 2000
Should federal courts limit partisan gerrymandering?Redistricting DisputesMar. 12, 2004
Has President Obama been successful in office?The Obama LegacyNov. 4, 2016