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Is the Initiative, as It Is Currently Used in the United States, Good for American Democracy? Initiatives: True Democracy or Bad Lawmaking?Aug. 17, 1990
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Can multiethnic democracies be established and maintained in the former Yugoslavia?Democracy in Eastern EuropeOct. 8, 1999
Can outsiders build lasting peace?PeacebuildingJun. 21, 2011
Does the revival of Islam in Central Asia pose a problem?Emerging Central AsiaJan. 17, 2012
Does Western aid improve African democracy and good governance?Sub-Saharan DemocracyFeb. 15, 2011
Has the Clinton administration done a good job of promoting democracy in Asia?Democracy in AsiaJul. 24, 1998
Has the war in Iraq helped to spread democracy?Exporting DemocracyApr. 1, 2005
Is democracy in retreat around the world?Democracy Under StressOct. 20, 2017
Is the Arab world changing for the better?Turmoil in the Arab WorldMay 3, 2011
Should the United States increase pressure on Arab countries to democratize?Democracy in the Arab WorldJan. 30, 2004
Should the United States, European Union and Australia maintain sanctions on Myanmar?Democracy in Southeast AsiaJun. 2010
Will Erdoğan's foreign policy make Turkey a more dominant regional power?Erdoğan's New TurkeyOct. 8, 2021
Will U.S. aid to Colombia's drug-eradication program strengthen democracy there?Democracy in Latin AmericaNov. 3, 2000