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Current copyright law requires copyright-holders to register their copyright before they can sue for infringements. The Copyright Reform Act of 1993 would remove this requirement. Is this a good idea?Software PiracyMay 21, 1993
Should the government crack down on pornography on the Internet?Regulating the InternetJun. 30, 1995
Should Congress permanently ban new state and local taxes on Internecommerce?Digital CommerceFeb. 5, 1999
Are government regulations widening the digital divide?The Digital DivideJan. 28, 2000
Should Congress raise the current 115,000 limit on H-1B visas reserved for foreign workers with special skills?Future of ComputersMay 26, 2000
Is government action necessary to ensure privacy on the Internet?Computers and MedicineOct. 27, 2000
Are e-tailers doing enough to make online shopping safe?Cyber-CrimeApr. 12, 2002
Should software manufacturers be liable for vulnerabilities in their software?CybersecuritySep. 26, 2003
Should electronic voting machines be required to produce paper records?CyberpoliticsSep. 17, 2004
Should consumers be allowed to “freeze” their credit histories?Identity TheftJun. 10, 2005
Should Congress require Internet service providers to treat all content the same?Controlling the InternetMay 12, 2006
Should Congress require schools and public libraries to block social-networking Web sites?Cyber SocializingJul. 28, 2006
Should schools be able to regulate off-campus cyberbullying?CyberbullyingMay 2, 2008
Should online sites like YouTube ban postings by groups the government identifies as terrorists?Internet AccuracyAug. 1, 2008
Should the government regulate private-sector cybersecurity?CybersecurityFeb. 26, 2010
Is the Internet making students smarter?Impact of the Internet on ThinkingSep. 24, 2010
Is the administration taking the right approach on cybersecurity?Computer HackingSep. 16, 2011
Should lawmakers support the FCC's net-neutrality rules?Internet RegulationApr. 13, 2012
Should Congress enact cybersecurity legislation?Improving CybersecurityFeb. 15, 2013
Should governments curb anonymous markets to fight crime?The Dark WebJan. 15, 2016
Does video gaming have a gender gap?Video Games and LearningFeb. 12, 2016
Should virtual reality be more regulated than video games?Virtual RealityFeb. 26, 2016
Should the government regulate private-sector cybersecurity?Cyberwarfare ThreatOct. 6, 2017
Is ‘technology addiction’ a valid diagnosis?Technology AddictionApr. 20, 2018
Should the United States respond to Russian interference in U.S. elections with cyberattacks of its own?CyberwarfareFeb. 28, 2020