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In setting air pollution standards, should the federal government balance risks against costs? Air Pollution CountdownNov. 27, 1987
Are computer models reliable tools for predicting climate trends?Global WarmingNov. 1, 1996
Do we know enough about the cause of ozone depletion to impose immediate, sharp curbs on chlorofluorocarbon production?Ozone MysteryApr. 10, 1987
Does scientific evidence support the tightening of air quality standards?New Air Quality StandardsMar. 7, 1997
Is the Clean Power Plan good policy?Air Pollution and Climate ChangeNov. 13, 2015
Is there convincing scientific evidence of global warming?Global Warming TreatyJan. 26, 2001
Should there be a total ban on smoking in the workplace?Indoor Air PollutionOct. 27, 1995
Will the president's new policies improve air quality?Air Pollution ConflictNov. 14, 2003