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Can African nations advance a unified strategy for effective development on the continent?Africa in TransitionJul. 15, 2022
Can international humanitarian action help end conflicts in countries like Congo?Conflict in CongoApr. 5, 2011
Can the tactics used to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria work in Africa?ISIS in AfricaOct. 22, 2021
Does foreign aid reliably spur sustained economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa?Africa in TransitionFeb. 23, 2018
Have the World Bank and International Monetary Fund contributed to the current famine in southern Africa?Famine in AfricaNov. 8, 2002
Is Africa poised for an East Asia-style economic boom?Booming AfricaNov. 20, 2012
Is an Islamic caliphate a viable threat to Africa?Terrorism in AfricaJul. 10, 2015
Is China becoming Africa's newest colonizer?China in AfricaJan. 2008
Is it time to consider lifting economic sanctions against South Africa?U.S. Role in South Africa's FutureMar. 23, 1990
Should an international piracy court be established?Attacking PiracyAug. 2009
Should the U.S. support the International Criminal Court?Stopping GenocideAug. 27, 2004
Should the West cut aid to Ethiopia over human rights concerns?The Troubled Horn of AfricaJun. 2009
Should U.S. aid to Africa be reduced?Democracy in AfricaMar. 24, 1995
Should Western donors impose strict conditions for African debt relief?Aiding AfricaAug. 29, 2003
Will the G-8 summit at Gleneagles ultimately help Africa?Ending PovertySep. 9, 2005
Will there be political stability in South Africa after the April 1994 elections?South Africa's FutureJan. 14, 1994
Would military intervention solve the crisis in Darfur?Crisis in DarfurSep. 2008