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Would many black and Latino science and math majors be better off at lesser-ranked universities?Affirmative Action (Updated: June 19, 2012)Oct. 17, 2008
Should colleges be allowed to use race as a factor in admissions?Race in AmericaJul. 11, 2003
Should colleges eliminate the use of race in admissions?Affirmative Action in Undergraduate AdmissionsSep. 21, 2001
Is affirmative action still necessary?The Black Middle ClassJan. 23, 1998
Was the University of California Board of Regents justified in ending affirmative action preferences for admissions?Getting Into CollegeFeb. 23, 1996
Should affirmative action be abolished?Rethinking Affirmative ActionApr. 28, 1995
Is President Bush justified in calling the Democrat-sponsored civil rights bill a “quota bill?”Racial QuotasMay 17, 1991