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Is the federal law making it a crime to block abortion clinics fair to anti-abortion protesters?Abortion Clinic ProtestsApr. 7, 1995
Would restricting federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion violate the First Amendment?Abortion ControversiesMar. 1, 2019
Do abortion limits disproportionately harm low-income women?Abortion DebatesMar. 21, 2014
Can the fetus feel pain before the 24th week of pregnancy?Abortion DebatesSep. 10, 2010
Should Congress ban so-called partial-birth abortions?Abortion DebatesMar. 21, 2003
Will abortion be banned nationwide in the United States?Abortion Post-RoeSep. 9, 2022
Should the Roe v. Wade decision be overturned?Abortion ShowdownsSep. 22, 2006
Are sex-selective abortions really “elective”?Gendercide CrisisOct. 4, 2011
Can abortion-rights and anti-abortion groups reach common ground?Roe v. Wade At 25Nov. 28, 1997