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Will abortion be banned nationwide in the United States?Abortion Post-RoeSep. 9, 2022
Would restricting federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion violate the First Amendment?Abortion ControversiesMar. 1, 2019
Do abortion limits disproportionately harm low-income women?Abortion DebatesMar. 21, 2014
Are sex-selective abortions really “elective”?Gendercide CrisisOct. 4, 2011
Can the fetus feel pain before the 24th week of pregnancy?Abortion DebatesSep. 10, 2010
Should the Roe v. Wade decision be overturned?Abortion ShowdownsSep. 22, 2006
Should Congress ban so-called partial-birth abortions?Abortion DebatesMar. 21, 2003
Can abortion-rights and anti-abortion groups reach common ground?Roe v. Wade At 25Nov. 28, 1997
Is the federal law making it a crime to block abortion clinics fair to anti-abortion protesters?Abortion Clinic ProtestsApr. 7, 1995