How to Cite CQ Researcher

To create a bibliographic citation of a report accessed in CQ Researcher, select CiteNow!™ on the report page that you would like to cite and select the citation format you need for citing online sources:

APA: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Sixth Edition

Bluebook: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation: 17th Edition

Chicago: Chicago Manual of Style: 15th Edition

MLA: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers: Seventh Edition

Or, you may create your own citation based on the following examples:

Author [Last Name, Initial]. (Year, Month Day). Title of report [Capitalize first letter of first word and all proper nouns]. CQ Researcher, Volume number, Page Range. Retrieved from URL.

Example: Karaim, R. (2013, December 13). Chemical and biological weapons.CQ Researcher, 23, 1053-1076. Retrieved from

Author [First Name Last Name], Title of Report, Volume Number CQ RESEARCHER Starting Page (Year), available at URL.

Example: Reed Karaim, Chemical and Biological Weapons, 23 CQ RESEARCHER 1053 (2013), available at

Author [Last Name, First]. "Title of Report." CQ Researcher Volume Number [no.], Issue Number (Month Day, Year): Page Range. URL.

Example: Karaim, Reed. "Chemical and Biological Weapons." CQ Researcher 23, no. 44 (December 13, 2013): 1053-76.

Author [Last Name, First]. "Title of Report." CQ Researcher Publication date (Day Month abbreviation. Year): Page number(s). Web. Date accessed (Day Month Year). (URL is optional)

Example: Karaim, Reed. "Chemical and Biological Weapons." CQ Researcher 13 Dec. 2013: 1053-76. Web. 20 Dec. 2013.

A Note about CQ Global Researcher Citations:

While citations for CQ Global Researcher articles generally follow the same format as those in CQ Researcher, there are a few exceptions. Because Global Researcher was published monthly, you will not have a publication day and the document ID prefix in the URL is: cqrglobal. Because Global Researcher is only published in an online format, you must consult the downloadable pdf version for pagination. This version can be easily accessed by clicking on the "View PDF" button in the toolbar. However, for easy citing in popular formats, make use of the CiteNow! tool. Please use the following sample in MLA format as a guide for CQ Global Researcher articles:

Example: Loewenberg, Samuel. "Anti-Americanism." CQ Global Researcher Mar. 2007: 51-74. CQ Researcher. Web. 20 December 2013. <>

Citation style for online sources is continually evolving. Moreover, CQ Researcher's publication format, whether it is a news magazine or scholarly journal, may be interpreted differently by citation authorities. Consult your instructor in choosing the appropriate style and for further guidance in citing CQ Researcher.