Out of more than 20,000 adults surveyed in 28 countries, a majority opposed the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems - artificial intelligence-powered armaments that can select and attack a target without human involvement. Only in France and India do a minority of adults disapprove of lethal robots on the battlefield.

Source: Anna Fleck, “Should Killer Robots Be Banned?” Statista, Oct. 26, 2022, https://tinyurl.com/24v6v6yu

Data for the graphic are as follows:

Country Percentage Who Oppose
Sweden 76.1%
Turkey 73.2%
Hungary 70.4%
Germany 67.8%
Mexico 66.3%
Spain 65.8%
South Korea 64.8%
Japan 59.4%
Great Britain 56.3%
United States 55.4%
China 52.5%
France 47.3%
India 35.7%

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