Some 77 percent of self-identified Democrats, but only 29 percent of Republicans, support teaching high school students that systemic racism is embedded in American institutions. Democrats are also more likely to support teaching that many Americans still face racism and that some prominent Americans in the past owned slaves or held racist views, a poll taken in September 2021 by Echelon Insights found.

Source: “Views on Race-Related Issues in K-12 Education,” Echelon Insights, October 2021, p. 34,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

Teaching Subject Percentage of Republican Support Percentage of Democratic Support
Racism has been part of U.S. history 68 90%
Many Americans still face racism 56 89%
Some Americans celebrated in the past owned slaves or held racist views 61 83%
Scholars disagree about whether systemic racism is a major issue 50 77%
Systemic racism is embedded in U.S. institutions 29 77%

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