Most Americans believe middle and high school students should be taught about historical aspects of racism — including slavery, the Civil War and the civil rights movement — but most do not favor teaching these subjects in elementary schools. And there is less support for teaching about present-day racial inequality, at any grade level, according to a survey taken in September 2021 by Echelon Insights, a data and polling firm.

Source: “Views on Race-Related Issues in K-12 Education,” Echelon Insights, October 2021, p. 25,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

Supported For Teaching About: In Elementary School In Middle School In High School
The Civil War 29% 69% 70%
The civil rights movement 29% 61% 71%
History of Indigenous people 40% 62% 64%
Slavery 29% 61% 65%
Black history 39% 56% 61%
Racial inequality in America's past 27% 52% 60%
That some experience racism personally 28% 48% 53%
Racial inequality that exists today 24% 45% 52%

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