In 2019 North Dakota collected the most, per capita, in taxes, such as those on sales, income and gasoline. Florida, which has no income tax, collected the least per resident.

Source: “2019 State Tax Revenue,” Federation of Tax Administrators,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

State Tax Collection Rating Tax Revenue Per Capita
North Dakota High $6,521
Hawaii High $5,797
Vermont High $5,495
Connecticut High $5,047
Minnesota High $4,996
California High $4,764
Delaware High $4,719
New York High $4,710
Massachusetts High $4,614
New Jersey High $4,373
Alaska Low $2,434
Alabama Low $2,361
Georgia Low $2,328
South Dakota Low $2,193
New Hampshire Low $2,184
Texas Low $2,184
South Carolina Low $2,179
Tennessee Low $2,171
Missouri Low $2,148
Florida Low $2,086

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