African-Americans and Hispanics had the highest poverty rates in 2017, more than twice the rate of non-Hispanic whites, according to the latest census data. The child poverty rate was nearly twice that of Americans age 65 or older.

Source: Kayla Fontenot, Jessica Semega and Melissa Kollar, “Income and Poverty in the United States: 2017,” U.S. Census Bureau, September 2018, Table 3,

Data for the graphic are as follows:

Demographic Poverty Rate
African-American 21.2%
Hispanic (any race) 18.3%
White (including Hispanic) 10.7%
Asian 10.0%
White, non-Hispanic 8.7%
Female 13.6%
Male 11.0%
Under 18 17.5%
18 to 64 11.2%
65 or older 9.2%
2017 Overall 12.3%

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