Dangerous War Debris

March 2010 • Volume 4, Issue 3
Who should clean up after conflicts end?
By Robert Kiener


Unexploded shells lie in a street where boys play in Basra, Iraq (International Committee of the Red Cross)
Unexploded shells lie in a street where boys play in Basra, Iraq. In the past decade more than 73,000 people worldwide have been killed or maimed by unexploded war ordnance, usually farmers working in fields, or children. (International Committee of the Red Cross)

Long after the guns of war have gone silent, people around the world are killed or maimed every day by the “silent killers” of warfare — the tens of millions of landmines, cluster bombs and other unexploded ordnance that litter abandoned battlefields, farmland and urban areas. Most of the victims are civilians, and many are children. Besides claiming more than 5,000 victims each year, dangerous war debris also prevents war refugees from returning to their homelands, stifles fragile economies and prevents farmers from planting crops or developers from investing in a nation's future. Many nations and organizations help the victims and work to ban, remove and disarm landmines and other “explosive remnants of war” (ERW). But questions are being asked about how best to help victims and whether enough is being done to destroy ERWs and stockpiles of banned chemical weapons.

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