The Supreme Court

December 16, 2022 • Volume 32, Issue 43
Will Americans regain their trust in it?
By Christina L. Lyons


Americans’ trust in the Supreme Court dipped to an historic low in September, when only 40 percent of respondents in a Gallup poll said they approved of the court. Many began questioning its legitimacy after the GOP-led Senate blocked Merrick Garland's nomination to the court by President Barack Obama. Since then, the balance of the court has shifted to a 6-3 conservative majority because of President Donald Trump's three appointments, one of which filled the seat for which Garland was nominated. This shift ultimately resulted in rulings overturning the right to an abortion, rolling back portions of the Voting Rights Act and curbing the federal government's authority to limit carbon emissions. Some observers say such rulings correct earlier court errors or properly check government power. Others are calling for court reforms to restore the institution's ideological balance either through term limits for justices or adding more seats. Meanwhile, a leaked draft of the pivotal abortion ruling in May, combined with questions about justices’ political activities, have spurred calls for a court ethics code. But concerns linger over whether reforms would be effective or constitutional.

Photo of fencing surrounding U.S. Supreme Court, on June 23, 2022. (Getty Images/Anna Moneymaker)
Temporary fencing surrounds the U.S. Supreme Court in June amid increasing threats of violence against the justices and in anticipation of mass protests over a ruling overturning the federal right to an abortion. (Getty Images/Anna Moneymaker)
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