Cultural Appropriation

February 11, 2022 • Volume 32, Issue 5
Can one culture borrow from another without exploitation?
By Meehika Barua


In today's digital age, corporate brands and public figures alike are being singled out over accusations of exploiting culture more than ever, leading to public apologies and cancelled campaigns. While the line between cultural appropriation and appreciation is often blurry, experts say it is possible to borrow from another culture in a way that is respectful, not harmful. Some question the concept of cultural appropriation altogether, saying culture cannot be owned and is inherently malleable — especially amid increasing globalization. However, others say the practice is a symptom of deeply rooted colonialism and white supremacy. Recent incidents of cultural appropriation have brought attention to the need for greater public awareness and education. In the last couple of years, companies have prioritized diversity efforts through hiring and training, as global societies grapple with how to achieve a better understanding and consideration of cultural differences.

YouTube screenshot of singer Madonna wearing henna traditional tatoo on October 26, 2009. (YouTube screenshot)
Pop star Madonna popularized henna in the United States by wearing the traditional Indian tattoo in her 1998 “Frozen” music video. Such usage can raise questions of cultural appropriation. (YouTube screenshot)
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