Protecting the Power Grid

November 11, 2016 • Volume 26, Issue 40
Can attacks be prevented?
By Kevin Begos


The nation's electrical grid, a sprawling network of substations, transformers and transmission lines (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
The nation's electrical grid, a sprawling network of substations, transformers and transmission lines, such as these in Chester, Va., is highly susceptible to cyber and physical attacks by saboteurs or terrorists, security officials say. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

The United States is spending more on cybersecurity today than ever before but is experiencing a growing number of cyberattacks on the power grid and other targets. A Nebraska-based consortium of small municipal utilities, for example, recently detected nearly 4 million hacking attempts in one eight-week period. The electric grid — a patchwork of more than 300,000 miles of transmission lines and 9,200 generating stations — also is vulnerable to attacks by gun- or bomb-wielding terrorists or saboteurs. Although some security experts say a massive, long-term blackout is unlikely, industry and government officials are working to protect the grid and improve coordination between agencies and utilities. In February, President Obama announced a plan to help government agencies, businesses and the public prevent and respond to attacks. But securing the grid against attack is difficult, and many analysts say the task is becoming harder as the use of renewable energy and cloud-linked “smart” energy-efficiency technology grows.

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