Smart Cities

July 27, 2012 • Volume 22, Issue 27
Are futuristic metropolises good investments?
By David Hatch


Songdo, South Korea, rises in Incheon on land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea (Reuters/Incheon Free Economic Zone/Handout)
Songdo, South Korea, rises in Incheon on land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea. The New York developer of the project, dubbed the Atlantis of the Far East, says the planned city of 65,000 residents will be among the world's greenest and most technology-rich urban centers — and a model to be replicated worldwide. (Reuters/Incheon Free Economic Zone/Handout)

Across the globe, major tech companies and multinational developers are pouring billions of dollars into building futuristic “smart cities” designed to showcase cutting-edge infrastructure and architecture — and serve as models for new cities worldwide. From self-sustaining energy systems and driverless vehicles to software that runs metro areas like operating systems run computers, emerging cities in India, China, South Korea and elsewhere are introducing technology that backers say can reduce common urban problems such as pollution, crime and congestion. For cities to survive and grow, they contend, society must reinvent them. But critics question whether building new metropolises is wise when existing ones need attention. No smart cities are being built from scratch in the United States, but smart-growth strategies designed to make existing communities more livable are taking root from New York to Kansas.

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