Straining the Safety Net

July 31, 2009 • Volume 19, Issue 27
Is joblessness overwhelming aid programs?
By Peter Katel


Julie Morris with
		  daughter at Family Gateway homeless shelter in
		  Dallas. (Getty Images/John Moore)
Julie Morris, with daughter Hailey, moved to the Family Gateway homeless shelter in Dallas in May with her three daughters and husband after he was laid off from his construction job. (Getty Images/John Moore)

As unemployment keeps mounting, millions more Americans are being forced to rely on a network of federal and state programs to meet their basic needs. The added pressure on the so-called safety net has prompted increases in unemployment insurance payments and expanded food-stamp and welfare caseloads, authorized under this year's $787 billion stimulus package. Budget crises, however, are forcing some states to cut back on safety-net programs, including health care and meals for disadvantaged children. At the same time critics say welfare reforms enacted in 1996 requiring aid recipients to work don't mesh with the reality of today's job shortage. But supporters of the reforms say the extra spending on benefits shows the system is working. With employment growth unlikely any time soon, a renewed debate on government responsibility to the disadvantaged is gathering force.

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