The Digital Divide

January 28, 2000 • Volume 10, Issue 3
Should Internet access for the poor be subsidized?
By Kathy Koch


Wireless telecommunications make high-speed Internet access possible. (Photo Credit: Corbis Images)
Wireless telecommunications make high-speed Internet access possible. (Photo Credit: Corbis Images)

The Internet is revolutionizing the world economy, but some parts of the global village are being left behind. The growing gap between the information-rich and the information-poor means many rural and low-income areas -- and much of the Third World -- could lose out on jobs and economic development. Many public-private partnerships are trying to bridge the digital gap. In addition, President Clinton plans to seek up to $50 million in grants to help poor families get on-line, and pressure is growing to make high-speed Internet access universally available. But critics argue that lingering government regulations are preventing the free market from solving telecom access problems. And some in Congress want to scale back the popular “e-rate” program, which subsidizes Internet connections at schools and libraries.

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