Pursuing the Paranormal

March 29, 1996 • Volume 6, Issue 12
What's behind the new interest in the unexplained?
By Charles S. Clark


In this supposed age of reason, public officials and scientists find themselves facing a new wave of interest in unexplained phenomena. UFO sightings, testimony about alien abductions and government agencies that dabble in telepathy have produced a steady stream of headlines. Moreover, decades-old rumors about the coverup of a 1947 flying saucer crash in New Mexico have regained currency with the release of two new government reports. And tabloid newspapers, movies and television shows are attracting record audiences with paranormal claims that often blur the line between fact and fiction. A counterattack has been organized by skeptics and debunkers. They worry that credulous people are losing respect for science, and that the rising interest in UFOs coincides with high levels of mistrust in government.

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