Illegal Immigration

April 24, 1992 • Volume 2, Issue 16
Does it damage the economy and strain social services?
By Rodman D. Griffin


America is a land of opportunity, built with the contributions of immigrants from all points on the globe. Yet according to public opinion polls, roughly two-thirds of Americans now believe the United States is being overrun and overburdened by the recent waves of newcomers. Most of the ire is reserved for those who enter the country illegally, the majority of whom are Mexicans. Recent efforts to staunch the flow -- by passing tougher immigration laws and tightening enforcement along the U.S.-Mexican border -- have proved futile. Illegal immigrants seem increasingly willing to take great risks and withstand terrible hardships to come to the United States -- and to accept low wages once they're here. But contrary to popular perceptions, most experts say illegals probably are not a net drain on the economy.

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