Coping with Learning Disabilities

December 29, 1989

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Led by President Bush and the nation's governors, business and political leaders contend that better-trained teachers, tougher class work and tighter graduation standards are essential if the country is to retain its economic standing in an increasingly competitive world. But the debate over education reform has largely overlooked the needs of the nearly 2 million American students beset by learning disabilities. Unable to keep up with their classmates, many of these students may be destined for academic and social failure.

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They may struggle to read the simplest words. Many cannot write legible sentences. Easily distracted, they often have trouble focusing on school or work assignments. Easily disoriented, they may find it difficult to make their way through congested sidewalks and streets. The cacophony of sounds and sights in a supermarket or shopping center may leave them confused and bewildered.

These people are not mentally retarded. In fact, many are highly intelligent, even gifted. But they suffer from learning disabilities that can make their lives a constant struggle.

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